Become a Cause Mentor

SureAid is designed to raise money for charities and other worthwhile causes through insurance.

SureAid donates 3% of all insurance premiums bought through SureAid by cause supporters, including future renewal insurance premiums.

The 3% SureAid donation is made to all causes which includes any charity, sports and social club, school, university, supporter and member organisation or group.

When the cause supporter buys their insurance policy through SureAid, either online or over the phone, they are asked to nominate their preferred cause to receive the SureAid 3% donation.

To ensure transparency, SureAid confirms the donation to both the cause and the cause supporter when the donation is made.

The donation is made by SureAid to the cause within 14 days of the monies being received by SureAid.

Causes register with SureAid and send monthly emails prepared by SureAid, to their supporters or members informing them about the SureAid 3% donation and including contact information for supporters or members to obtain quotes.

SureAid are currently seeking cause mentors, please complete the application form to be considered.

Mentor Application